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St John's Veterinary Surgery
Telephone: 01442 863101
Out of Hours Tel: 01442 863101
Practice Location
Surgery Opening Hours

Consultation times are by appointment:

Monday to Friday:
9 - 11am
1.30 - 2.30pm
4.30 - 7pm

9 - 12 noon

Surgery Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:
8am - 7pm

8.30am - 2pm

Vet Consults until 12noon only on Saturdays

Our Services
St John's is a purpose built veterinary surgery opened in July 1995 - our facilities and
equipment includes:
Consult Room

We offer a friendly and personal service in our dedicated well equipped spacious Consult Room.

All your pet's records are available on a computer system which is linked through to Reception and the dispensary so that drugs and services can be correctly dispensed and priced.
Waiting Room
Waiting Room

Our Waiting Room is divided into two areas so that cats can be kept away from 'boisterous' dogs! (and dogs' noses from feisty cats!!)
Care of your pet:


Our comfortable, spacious wards ensure in-patients are as relaxed and happy as possible during their stay. Dogs and Cats have separate wards to put them at ease.

We also have an Isolation ward for animals with infectious or contagious conditions.
Operating Theatre

Modern, purpose-built operating room with specialist veterinary diagnostic monitoring equipment to help vets and nurses assess each patient before, during and after surgery.

Dental Equipment

We have specialised equipment for x-raying, extracting, scaling and polishing your pet's teeth.
Diagnostic Equipment:


We have a dedicated X-ray room and have just upgraded to digital radiography.
Ultra Sound
Ultrasound Machine

The Ultrasound machine is used to monitor pregnant animals and provides a means of seeing what is going on with the animal's internal organs and is a common way of diagnosing tumours.
In-House Laboratory

Our recently upgraded laboratory equipment helps us detect a wide range of diseases from the examination of blood or urine samples. We also have a microscope for examining tissue, blood smears and faeces.
ECG Machine

Bev Irving has completed a specialised cardiology course and is the best vet to perform ECG's on animals with heart problems.
Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure Monitoring

We have a Doppler system for detecting and monitoring high blood pressure which is particularly common in elderly patients and animals with renal problems. In most cases these conditions can be easily treated.
Intensive Care oxygen and incubation unit

This unit administer high rate oxygen and warmth to high dependency patients following trauma, eg traffic accidents.

We use an opthalmoscope and indirect ophthalmology to examine the internal structure of a pet's eyes - it is particularly useful for determining the health of the retina and identifying early signs of certain eye conditions such as cataracts, high blood pressure and degenerate retinal conditions.
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